How Bail Bonds Work: Getting Out of Jail

If a person has committed a law offense, he will be detained. That is according to the bail bonds fulton county If it is a crime, an individual will directly be taken into jail. But a law offender will be asking this question? How to stay out of the jail while the case will be heard on the court? This article will help you understand what bail bond is and how it works. Paying attention to details can help you a lot so please continue reading to learn what you need to know.

What is Bail Bond?

When a person gets into jail and booked for a legit crime, he has the right to bail. But, if the crime being committed is bailable. Bail is the money being paid to the court to ensure that the person who has committed the crime will show himself during court hearings. The bail money will be returned in full after the case if the accused never had any absences in the hearing. The judge will be the one to set the bail amount but there are codes to be followed and usually it depends more on the type of crime being committed.

Different Types of Bail

  1. Cash Bond – This is a cash money being paid directly by the accused’s family, friend or representative. However, this can be possible after the defendant completes the required probationary term of the arrest. This type of bond is the most popular one because it is easy and can quickly release a person from the jail.
  2. Surety Bond – Next from cash bond, the surety bond is also a popular type of bail bond. This bond works when another person will guarantee to pay the bail bond. A bail bondsman comes into the scene. Sometimes a surety bond is being paid by an insurance company. However this can be more costly because the accused or the family of the accused will need to pay the bail bondsman or the insurance company.
  3. Federal Bond – This kind of bond is not well-known to people because this is used when the crime committed is a federal crime. The amount is bigger simply because the crime committed is bigger. The process of this bail is different from cash bond and surety bond.

Understanding Bail Bond is Important

Bail bonds are confusing to comprehend. It is not self-explanatory. However, people need to know that we all need to have at least the basic knowledge of what bail bond is because it can help us in the future.